Monday, May 2, 2016

Wk 100 - puro ponerle

Companion: Elder Robinson
Area: Tome'

this week was pretty sick. this past week we found some guys but the best news is that Carlos went to church with baptismal date and has a date for the 14th of may so i am super excited about that!! we have a member that is helping us as well. it was so funny this past week we went to go knock on his door to bring him to church and he didnt open it for us at first. we went back to the church(his house is close to the church) and brother puentes (a member) asked us what had happened. we told him what had happened that he didnt answer the door and carlos suffers from depression so at times he just doesnt have any desire to leave his house... the member told us lets go get him! i was like well yeah why not? we went and knocked on his door again but this time brother puentes just kept knocking on his window until he came to the door. haha it was quite funny. brother puentes said hey elders if he gets mad dont worry about it. he finally came to the door and you could tell he was a little bothered but the member just pumped him up to go to church and he ended up going. it was a funny experience.

we played some soccer saturday and it was sweet! i love playing soccer now and i am not terrible at it anymore. starting was pretty awful but now i aint terrible... haha 

oh as well i am so happy for easton! heck yeah!! i know some missionarys from cusco peru here in my mission. that should be way fun! that will be a sweet mission!! he will be speaking some español!!! haha that will be sick. honestly i love speaking spanish!!! 

have a great week and i will see you all on sunday!!:)

elder smoot
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