Monday, May 16, 2016

Wk 102 - Termine Fuerte

Companion: Elder Robinson
Area: Tome'
                  the sun got in my eyes a bit haha

well i am doing really good. i honestly feel really peaceful and i feel and i have seen that as i try to consecrate myself as a missionary to take advantage of all the extra time i have i have been able to feel the spirit more in my life. It really makes a huge difference in my day and my attitude.

its been amazing to be able to see all the people that i have seen be baptized in this sector have all now received the priesthood and have blessed the sacrament. this past sunday i was passing the sacrament and watching diego who was the one who got baptized in february bless the sacrament. i was thinking about that moment and afterwards diego gave a powerful talk about the sabbath day. i honestly felt the spirit during that meeting. Its like nothing i have never felt before. 

So every sunday the assistants call us for the numbers and everything and the assistants are actually working in the sector i started in. (Andalién) they have been visiting lorena and igancio who i was there and had the priviledge to help them get to the gospel and be baptized. lorena had another son that was diego. when i was there diego was 7 so he couldnt get baptized and now diego is 9 and still hasnt been baptized. the husband isnt a member and he loves the missionaries and i get along really well him him as well his name is jimmy. a couple sundays ago a house caught on fire and burned a little of lorenas house and it was on sunday morning. that morning the bishop and the leaders of the organizations in that ward were at her house before church helping lorenas family clean up their house. According to the assistants they said jimmy soften up a little and now this sunday diego will be baptized! i was so happy to hear that when they told me. that family is really special to me. I will be calling them my last week because we are aloud to do so. i am so happy for them. 

i am excited to see you all but it still doesnt seem real to me that i am on my last weeks... i will do want grandpa said and think that i still have 3 more months and that way i will finish strong! haha

have a great week!

elder smoot

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