Monday, April 25, 2016

Wk 99 - Nuevo Compañero

Companion: Elder Robinson
Area: Tome'
New Comp Elder Robinson
elder watts. he has been my good friend through my whole mission.
 he played and will play after his mission football for air force.
we got to chile together. 
well this week has been good. i forget to tell you guys about an experience i had when i was with elder stallings and it was my last week that i had with him. so there is this less active monica and she showed up to church randomly and i didnt know who she was and we talked and she said she was a member and we were like cool! so she told us to come by here house during the week and we actually didnt end up going by that week but she still showed up to church and we were pretty impressed. we went up to her and set up an appointment. when we went by we asked her what made her decide to go back to church all of a sudden. she said that she saw my comp and me walking in the street and she was driving and she looked over at us and saw that we werent alone. now i am not sure exactly what she saw but as she talked i felt the spirit very strong. she decided to go back to church from that experience. 

My comp is sweet. (Elder Robinson)he is from bountiful utah and he is a good singer and is a cool guy. I am excited for this transfer! 

This past week it rained a ton and there were rivers in the streets and i tried to take more pictures this past week so i will be sending some. 

love you guys and have a great week!!

elder smoot

Mission Leadership Council
pics from the mission blog

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