Monday, March 28, 2016

Wk 95 - semana santa

Companion: Elder Stallings
Area: Tome´

by the way the pic of the shirt is some shirts we made for the zone.
 i thought they were pretty sweet!! haha

well to start off i want to wish chelsea a happy birthday yesterday!! i will give you a gift soon:) haha 

well this past week was pretty good!! that is cool that now we got a baby horse!! yoohoo it is so weird to see pics of the fam, everyone looks older (in a good way). haha

we have an investigator that we have found named arturo. he is 80 yrs. old so he has his experiences in life haha but he is way cool!! he didnt come to church because he had to drop his daughter off at the airport sunday morning... but he will go this next week to general conference hopefully!! 

one experience that was really cool this past week happened yesterday. there is a kid that lives in a different sector but is always in our sector at his grandmas house. his twin brother is a member and preparing to go on a mission but his brother was sick and he asked us to give him a blessing. my comp did the first part and i did the blessing and by the end of the blessing he was crying. he has shared with the missionaries for a long time but has gotten close to getting baptized but after the blessing he said i am going to get baptized. it surprised me and it was a humbling experience to see that my comp and i were just instruments in the lords hands and the spirit touched his heart. i had never seen him cry before then and so we past him the number to the sister missionaries in another sector and we will make sure he calls them to meet with them. i will let you know what ends up happening with camilo. 

i love you all and have a great week.

elder smoot
(pics from the mission blog)

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