Monday, March 21, 2016

Wk 94 - conferencia de estaca

Companion: Elder Stallings
Area: Tome´
pics from the week....

a weird fruit called nona


this past week we had stake conference here. the zone of tomé is part of the zone of penco so i was able to see a lot of familiar faces from the last sector that i had in penco. it was really cool!! 

today we did a zone activity with all the zones close to concepción. it was sick!!!! i enjoyed it very much. it was funny seeing some kids using their hands that usually just use their feet to play soccer!! haha 

with juanita she was still smoking so we had to let her go. manuel he didnt go to church this past week because we had to travel to penco to go... but this past week we found 2 new people!

cristina is the girl that speaks english and has a family. (we only speak in spanish with her when we talk about the gospel it is a lot easier for me) we also found arturo and he is an old guy that had lost his wife and we taught about eternal families with him and he will be going to church next week. 

i am doing really good and i am super happy to be here!! today we ordered shirts for the zone and we wanted to do something cool so we got shirts that are the under armor fabric and we took them to a place that is going to put the air jordan symbol with air mormon around it. i am sure they will turn out pretty sweet!! 

a couple of weeks ago i ran into a guy that was from guatemala and he knew an elder bentley so i am pretty sure he knows kaden bentley and he told me he is an assistant in his mission. it was pretty cool to hear that!! its a small world!! haha 

well, love you fam and i hope you guys have a great week!!

elder smoot

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