Monday, March 14, 2016

Wk 93 - St Patricks day?

Companion: Elder Stallings
Area: Tome´

i did forget about st patricks day and thanks for reminding me mom!! haha well i just want to tell Jenna happy birthday in a couples days!! i think you will be turing 22? i dont know i forget. haha but love you jenna!! 

well this past week everything was going good with juanita and she smoked!!! gosh dang!!! it was pretty frustrating but its all right!! manuel the other investigator that we had leaves at times he just goes on trips. i told you this before that his wife doesnt like the mormon church so she likes us but not what we do i guess you can say. haha so we are still working with them. 

the other day we started talking to a lady in the street and she had a baby in her arms. she started speaking english to us and turned out she had gone to the united states before and she spoke really well!! we talked to her in english and it was kinda hard to talk about the gospel in english!! haha we went by the other day to her house to visit her and she was just leaving her house she we couldnt share with her but we have an appointment with her wednesday so i am excited about that!! 

i am doing really good. we as well played soccer this past week and it was sweet!! i do enjoy playing soccer! haha 

but i love you guys and i am happy that we are sealed as a family. 

oh yeah and by the way yesterday we had a satellite conference from utah to the whole country of chile. it was the first time that i have seen that happen but russell m. nelson talked in spanish. i didnt even know he knew spanish! haha they talked about the temple, reading the scriptures, and the sabbath day. it was a great conference! 

love you guys and have a great week!!!!

elder smoot

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