Monday, March 7, 2016

Wk 92 - milagro con juanita

Companion: Elder Stallings
Area: Tome´

still hasn't fixed the black spot on his camera lens!...sorry Elder Stallings! ;)
this past week has been pretty good! there is this lady that has almost 3 years sharing with the missionaries and she knows every thing is true but just has a problem with smoking. we had a plan to put in some money and buy a vaporizer. i had a doubt in buying it so i called the assistants to see if that was all right but they said yes that it is all right. she is only going to use this vaporizer until she doesnt have desires to smoke. she only is using the vaporizer until she gets rid of her addiction. we have seen a miracle this past week because usually she smokes 18 times a day. we were able to get this vaporizer thing this past week and she has only smoked 2 times in 3 days. the last time she smoked was 2 days ago. if she can go for 2 weeks without smoking which i know she can do it she will be able to be baptized  March 19!! pretty cool!! i am excited for her!! 

I love this gospel and i have seen how the atonement has helped juanita have the will power to stop smoking. it is incredible how she has completely changed her attitude about believing she will be able to stop smoking! every thing is going good with my comp and me. we are happy and loving life!!!:) 

i know as well that all the people that are going through a hard time should rely on the atonement of jesus christ. we dont realize at times that we have a saviour who understands every single thing we feel. I know he can help us be calm and even feel love for those ones that are hard to love! 

i love you guys and i know that this gospel is the thing that matters. have a great week!!:)

elder smoot

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