Monday, January 25, 2016

Wk 86 - actividad de zona

Companion: Elder Stallings
Area: Tome´

a member from my last sector( pablito) made us empanadas!
and i got sand all over my face after playing football on the beach
(the black spot isn't a bug or anything- it's a spot on his camera!)
today we had an activity between 3 zones and the other 2 zones came to tomé to play soccer and play on the beach. (our church is really close to the beach) it was way fun we played football on the beach and i was covered in sand by the time i finished playing! haha i had a blast! we also ate empanadas and they were super good!!! 

the provo city center temple looks incredible! i am excited to see it!! 

with the investigators that we had last week they still didnt get baptized.... diego WILL be getting baptized this week! he past his interview on saturday and i am way happy for him. 

watching taytons video made me laugh pretty hard!!! and i loved the birthday video to mom. I want to wish a happy birthday to talia and mom. you guys are so special to me and thanks for all you do mom. you literally are THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!! talia i am so happy i am your brother and i wouldnt want it any other way!! your little family(well not so little anymore) brings so much happiness in our lives!! i am sooo grateful that i get to be with you guys the eternity of time!!

elder smoot

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