Monday, January 18, 2016

Wk 85 - Compañero nuevo

Companion: Elder Stallings
Area: Tome´

New comp: Elder Stallings

my new comp is pretty cool and it was a great first week!! this next week should be good as well!! 

manuel and diego are planning being baptized so i am excited for that. manuel is the person that was going to be baptized and then got in a fight with is wife because his wife is evangelical so he didnt get baptized but a while ago his wife gave him permission to be baptized and yesterday she was leaving to her church when we came by and she kinda seemed bothered again which is a bummer but oh well. we will see how this week goes. its weird because she doesnt like him leaving her alone at the house to go to church but she does the same thing when she goes to her church. she leaves him alone at the house! haha i dont know i dont get it!! 

i am going to tell you a little bit about diego. he was going to be baptized this past week but he hadnt received an answer yet so he didnt want to do it. we have tried a few things just to help him recognized his answer. he always says he feels good as he shares with us and goes to church so its like well there is your answer buddy!! haha but he needed something more real according to him but he did receive an answer saturday night. he went out to a party with his friends. (he has stopped drinking with his friends and doesnt drink tea nor coffee) he was at this party and wasnt drinking or anything but his friends were. he said he doesnt even like going to parties that much but his friends convinced him to stay for the after party thing and not really wanting too with it being like 6 in the morning he went anyway. the police showed up and were looking for drugs and stuff and he said right there is when he realized that it wasnt his thing that what we taught was good and that is how he received his answer. it was definitely in a weird way but he took that as his answer which is awesome!! the most impressive thing is even through he got home at 7 or 8 in the morning he still went to church yesterday and loved it! haha diego is sick!! he was telling us this when we went by yesterday and i am way happy for him!! 

well  i love you guys and have a great week!!

elder smoot 

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