Monday, January 11, 2016

Wk 84 - el bautismo de carlos

Companion: Elder Anderson
Area: Tome´

the construction of the concepcion temple

 the baptism and carlos´s girlfriend that is a member

so this past week we had a baptism and it was sick!!!! it was a great experience. my companion baptized him and it was the last weekend before he left. i confirmed him a member at church yesterday. it was a very spiritual experience. 

i am going to be staying with some elders from another sector so i am not alone!! haha i will go get my comp tomorrow at the bus station. 

this week we had diego who is planning on being baptized but is having a hard time recognizing his answer. i know he has felt the spirit and we have shared scriptures to help him but i know we will help him out this week so he gets baptized saturday!! 

i am so excited for this week. i had to learn the sector of tomé in one transfer and it is a big sector but ill be able to do it!!! but my new comp is as well from idaho and his name is elder stallings. he is a good kid and i am excited for this transfer. this is his first transfer being a zone leader but he will be finishing in 2 transfers more!! 

i did want to give a shout out my boy brayden cox for going back on the mission today!! that was the best news i received today!! i got two letters today one from the blackhurst family it was their christmas card and then from grandma and grandpa smoot. they sent their testimony in a letter and boy did i feel the spirit as i read it. 

i love you guys and i am doing good! honestly i love it here!!! it is hard and very exhausting at times but it is soooo worth it!! (by the way these 2 past weeks we have had a record high of 41 lessons in a week and this week we topped it and got 42 lessons. most of the lessons are to a convert or less active and investigator so it was a great weeek!!!!!!!!!!!!)

have a great weeek!!

elder smoot

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