Monday, January 4, 2016

Wk 83 - un año nuevo 2016

Companion: Elder Anderson
Area: Tome´

walking in the street 

on new years eve

 in the bishops car in the back with his kids
our apartment

albert enstein dog!
carlos the investigator that is going to be baptized this week
well this past week was way sick!!! we had 2 investigators in church that have a baptismal date and they both are way cool! carlos is going to get baptized this saturday and Diego the next saturday! carlos is 20 yrs old and diego is 26 yrs old or something like that. they are way cool. i am loving tomé and its a really good ward!! 

the new year we went to bishops house at 9 and we had to be at the house at 11 and we went to bed a 11 30 as always and i just stayed awake till 12 and at midnight people threw confetti from the building and we saw outside confetti falling from the sky it was pretty cool! 

right now is perfect weather outside. i am enjoying the summer in tome and in concepcion. it never gets too hot. at times i get hot just because i got a collar shirt on and we have to walk up hills a lot but other than that i cant complain! 

well thanks for all you do mom and dad and family. i will be seeing you guys later!! 

elder smoot

(Part of an email I got last week!:

Your missionary, Elder Smoot, is scheduled to complete his mission on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 .

Approximately six weeks before this date I will send you a copy of his flight plans.)

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