Monday, December 14, 2015

Wk 80 - navidad viene pronto

Companion: Elder Anderson
Area: Tome

                                     the sunset
activity in our ward and i sang with the other missionaries

well this week has been amazing fast and awesome!! it is so crazy all the things we got to do during this time!! we will have a christmas conference in concepcion with the whole mission! we are in charge of making sure all the missionaries in the zone get there on time!! 

this past week my comp and i taught a zone class to the missionaries and that went really well. it lasted about an hour and a half. today we did an activity and went to a beach and a bbq!! it was way fun!! i got some pics!! it started raining and we had to run back to where the buses go by and we went to concepcion soaking wet on the bus. it was a pretty fun though!! 

we also got to organize a service activity for the zone and we are going to talk to a home care place and we will probably go sing to them! there is a lot of things we got to do! haha oh and we are making sure every person in this sector sees the video that ha nacido un salvador! 

i feel like there is never time for everything!! today we actually ordered hats for the missionaries in the zone and i made up the design! it was pretty cool!! i send a pic when we get the hats back!! as you can see i have been pretty busy but i love it!! it is so crazy at times but its the best!!! 

have a good week you guys and dont send me pics of my brothers crying!! haha 
dolly will be missed as well!! 

have a legit week!


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