Monday, December 21, 2015

Wk 81 - la semana de la navidad (Christmas Week)

Companion: Elder Anderson
Area: Tome
most of the tomé zone. we have 4 elders that are missing that are from sectors that are far away so they weren't there that day. we made a temple for the christmas conference. every zone had to make a little temple to decorate the conference! we did the salt lake temple!!

just so you know real quick we had a member that went kayaking in the ocean and no one has heard from him since. he was a member of the church but thats why i have a crab in my hand is we were on the beach looking for him and so we got together as a ward to go search for him but still he isnt found. it is kinda crazy and sad. i hope they will be able to find  him.

it is pretty crazy that the week of christmas is here. i am pretty excited to talk with you guys. this week we have a lot of things we got to do!! 

tomorrow i we will meet of with all the missionaries in the mission to have a christmas conference so that will be fun and then friday on christmas we will be in an activity playing games like soccer or dodge ball or something like that!! i will for sure be a blast!!! thats why we got to do skype a little bit later! it will be fun though!!! 

this past week has been a little bit a of roller coster as we have found some new investigators that are golden and our baptism fell through this past week at the last minute.. it was pretty crazy... manuel is the person that was going to be baptized and he had past his interview and everything. we had the baptismal font filled and as we were walking to the church he had been waiting outside the church and told us that he had gotten in a fight with his wife because she is from another religion and so he decided to avoid conflict he wasnt going to be baptized... it was very sad to hear that but he will be baptized another day. we will have to talk with his wife a bit. she is a very nice lady but i know satan works hard so people dont get baptized!!! 

right now we have claudia, diego, and carlos that are all golden and diego went to church and will be baptized in january and claudia got sick at the last moment and couldnt go so that was a bummer but carlos will be baptized the 5th of January so i am way excited for that. he is a members boyfriend but he is way cool as well. he is 20 yrs old. 

well there is my week and a lot of good and bad things happen but all in all i am very happy to be here. this is the best decision i have made to serve a mission!

elder smoot

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