Monday, September 28, 2015

Wk 69 - Penco es lo mejor

Companion: Elder Rodriguez
Area: Penco

a pic i took this morning by the ocean
i put a wig on in a members house
i am loving my time in this sector. it seems like in this sector we have been having a hard time to find people that are ready to progress but thats all right. we found a guy that was pretty good. he would ask us when are we going by his house and when we taught him we found out that he wasnt married so that ruined the whole thing so now today we got to teach about marriage and we will see if he is willing to get married.

but i am still enjoying my time with elder rodriguez. he has a buena honda! there hasnt be any earthquakes this week so thats a bummer!!!;) haha just messing.

ONe thing that i am so grateful for is here on the mission and i have began to understand the scriptures a lot better and found a love for reading the scriptures. i feel like the scriptures are the only books i like to read. well and books of the church in general! haha 

this past week we did an activity with the zone. the city penco did an event for bible day which was this past week and we participated in that as a church and we had books of mormons on a table and videos going on and we talked to a bunch of people as a whole zone about our religion and it was way fun. i will send a few pics of that event.

well now that i have written 3 paragraphs (only for you mom) i just want you guys to know i love you and i am so very happy here! have a wonderful week!! 

elder smoot

ps i am pumped for general conference!!! and tell tayton to keep knocking people on their back in football!!!

the group pic of the activity
missionaries singing in the plaza
talking to people in the plaza
a big proclamation to the world
our gift for participating
* questions/answers:

*can you stand up in your house? 
at some parts no. i have to duck to get in the house.

*do you get to watch all the sessions of conference at the church? 
 we watch it all in that same day. its from 1 to 3 and then 5 to 7 and then 9 to 11. we have permission to be out late that day

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