Monday, September 14, 2015

Wk 67 - Italiano

Companion: Elder Rodriguez
Area: Penco
just so you know i am enjoying my new comp!! he is way cool! he's got good vibes. i am loving my new sector. i am kinda getting eating alive by fleas but hey its part of the experience! i don't really have a problem when i am in our house but its when we go to other peoples houses and that when they get me. when i get home at night i have a lot of bites!! i am kinda getting scared a little bit! 

my comp is finishing his mission in 5 weeks so that is something that is crazy!

there is a member here that is 56 years old that always leaves with us. he looks like he is 60 years old but he is so funny! his name is pablo but we call him pablito! he is super cool. i will be sure to send you a pic of him! the missionaries are his life pretty much! he only has been a member for 3 years as well. its pretty cool to see the man be so dedicated. 

there is a store in the sector that sales completos which are hots dogs with a ton of things on it and we bought like foot long completos there. it was pretty cool. i enjoyed that a lot!! 

i am doing really good and i am so very happy so you don't got to worry mom!! 

you got to explain to me a little about tanner and he might move where?

elder smoot

New Zone Leaders
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