Monday, September 21, 2015

Wk 68 - dieciocho

Companion: Elder Rodriguez
Area: Penco

all the missionarys that i live with:
fraga from mexico, whitman from idaho
this past week was the indepedence of chile. it was the 4th of july for them. we had a good time with the ward but nobody wanted to talk to us those days. that was the hard part!

yesterday when we had finished the day and we were walking home there was a guy that is probably 27 years old or something like that yelled at me and told me hey you!! you never went to my house. it turned out that i set an appointment with a guy and we did go to his house that day and we knocked on his door but no one answered so we thought they weren't there. anyway this guy asked us and said  hey when are you guys going to go to my house? we set an appointment for tomorrow and so we will see what happens. but i got a good feeling about him! he is way cool!! he has a little family too.

every day my comp and i run on the beach right by the ocean which is pretty nice!! it is starting to get hotter and hotter every day so thats a good thing as well!!! 

i hope you guys have an awesome week!!!

elder smoot

*about the earthquakes/tsunami warnings: 

no nothing happened. the mission president texted us and asked how we are and if the zone was safe and we called everyone and they were all good!!
the water almost left the beach but that about it

(I did find out Jade lives about 3 blocks from the ocean- but it is about 100 feet up a hill)
pics of the house

my comp loves grafiti

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