Monday, June 1, 2015

Wk 52 - One Year!

Companion: Elder Copling
Area: Talchuano

It is crazy i will complete one year out here on the mission!! it is crazy how fast time goes by! 

THis week has kinda been frustrating but good. We are struggling to find some chosen people. we can get into houses but for to people to accept the message has been kinda difficult! But we do have a lesson with the Grandma of Carlos. Carlos was the kid that got baptized a little while ago. His grandma seems pretty good so i am excited! we will have to see what happens!! 

We had a simposio (I have no idea how to say it in english) yesterday. The simposio they explained the evidence that the Book of Mormon is true. they showed on google maps where lehi traveled with his family and showed a ton of evidence and it was way cool!! i loved the experience there! there was a lot of people that went too! 

On the way home it started to rain and we got on the bus to go home and we got on the bus with alot of members of the church as well. We started to sing hymns on the bus and obviously that was out of my confort zone but then i just didnt care and sang anyway! haha it was way cool!! 

anyway i love you guys and hope you have a wonderful week!!! 

elder smoot

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