Monday, June 29, 2015

Wk 56 - It's getting cold!

Companion: Elder Duarte

Area: Talchuano

I am looking at all those pics and i am thinking that would be nice to be in summer now! haha it isnt like it is way cold here it is just that heated buildings hardley exist here! haha i am sitting here writing and i can barely move my fingers! haha its all good! well this past week it was way good! we brought an investigator to the church and he has a date to be baptized the 11th of july but we hope everything will work out all right!

When we were walking in the street and i knew that an old investigator lived in a house and so we went to knock on his door and he opened the door and we taught him the lesson and he accepted a date for baptism. it was pretty cool!! i am loving my time here. 

One thing we do a lot here with the members is divisions and i am always with Darwin ayala. the guy that has is twin brother in utah. Darwin is like my best friend here! he is way sick!! he is like 32 and served his mission in argentina. eveything is going good with elder duarte my comp and we are just going at it. i honestly love leaving the house to go to work. at first i will be honestly i didnt like it that much but not it is pretty sweet to go out and talk to some people about the gospel!! well i hope all is well with you guys! seems like you all are staying buisy! have a good week!!

love , elder smoot

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