Monday, June 22, 2015

Wk 55 - First week being a Trainer

Companion: Elder Duarte
Area: Talchuano

the member stepped in some mud when he was walking with us. 

This first week was pretty good!! it is kinda wierd we only have 2 elders in the house and in the whole branch but its all right! I enjoy it though! We had a good solid week! it was one of those weeks that just went by super fast! we do divisions a lot with the members so we can cover more ground! we are finding some people too as we go and hopefully they will be able to progress!! i am excited for this next week though!! 

i got some pics of the chile game! i am enjoying watching soccer!! haha it is kinda weird because before i never liked it that much but now it isnt too bad!! i got a jersery from a member when i was in chillan and i always wear it over my white shirt during the games!! haha its pretty funny! i even got a favorite player que se llama vargas! he is pretty sick! but i am enjoying it! 

this next week i was asked to give a talk sunday so i will be doing that on sunday

the best part of this week was to see that there was a ton of people that went to church! this past week we had 92 which is a lot for the branch! it was nice to see all the people come!!:) a lot of the members take a bus to church and always there is this one bus that brings the majority of the people! it is pretty funny! we watch this bus stop in front of the church and a lot of the members walk off and we call it the mormon bus! its pretty funny because it happens like every week when a bus comes and drops a ton of people of right in front of the church!! 

well it is crazy to see how happy you guys are and everything is going good here as well!! 

love you guys a ton and i hope you have a great week!!!

elder smoot

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