Monday, April 27, 2015

Wk 47 - last week of transfers

Companion: Elder Copling
Area: Talchuano
the view from the church and i am with luis who is 18 yrs. and preparing for a mission.
he works with us like every week!
by the way that is the ocean in the distance you see
chileno peso
view of the ocean at night

sounds like the fam is doing well!! congrats taytor! keep hitting bombs my man!

it is crazy how time flys by! i love it how the gospel in our lives can bring us the most happiness of it all though. we had our investigator that we felt wasnt quite ready to be baptized yet this past week so carlos will be baptized this next week so he understands the importance of some commandments. he has good desires its just it is hard for him to understand at times. but all will be good!!!

I am just loving the mission. i swear this week went by soooo fast. this past week we had stake conference so it was sweet. our mission president spoke in all of them and we had a seventy that came and spoke. elder urra the seventy talked about the sabbath day and how important it is. the sabbath day really is a gift to us from our heavenly father. he was a very powerful speaker and i loved his talk. 

they talked about tithing and how that is a way God tests our faith. it was a wonderful session. another thing elder urra talked about is why we go to church and how we should prepare ourselves to go. he said if we dont go to church with the question how am i going to improve this week we could be wasting some time while we sit in church. 

it was a powerful talk and the conference that we had with the mission with dallin h. oaks where he said that the church is going to focus more on the sabbath day for the next year. i was thinking how i could sanctify sunday more. i thought about it and i realized i did some things on sunday before the mission that were things in the grey area. with all the elders in our house we all promised to never ever again watch the super bowl on sunday. although it was hard for me to do i made the the promise too. there are many ways that we can sanctify the sabbath day and i just want you guys to find something that we can to better to keep the sabbath day holy.

i love you guys and i hope you have a wonderful week!!!!

elder smoot

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