Monday, April 13, 2015

Wk 45 - Fishy Week

Companion: Elder Copling
Area: Talchuano
my comp fell asleep on the bus

so i guess ill tell you what happened this week. so it was thursday i think where we were contacting some people in the street and we start talking to this guy and we noticed he was really drunk and he just asked us for money. so my comp told him hey man we cant give you money im sorry and he said its ok but i have a present for you guys. so it kinda of caught me off guard and he took a fish out that was pretty big and stuck in my comps hands and i was laughing and he looked and me and i was like no man im good dont worry! haha he just said no its for you and i thought crap i dont want to put that in my hand! he took out another fish and stuck it in my hand too. he also gave us some other sea food that i have no idea what it was like a clam and some other thing. anyway we took some pics and gave the fish to an investigator and we washed our hands at her house too. haha it was pretty funny. 

i got another story that happened yesterday. after church we went to lunch and we had an asado or a bbq. i ate so much meat and it was way good too!! we go back to the house for weekly planning and i start feeling kinda sick in the stomach and i go to the bathroom a few times and i thought yeah now its time to work so i am going to work. the thing is i had dirahria(however you spell that) and i left to work and we got not too far from the house and i stopped and looked at my comp and i told him bro we got to go back to the house. yep it really happened. i told myself before the mission that i would never let that happen to me but it definitely happened! i still kinda feel sick but i will be all right. 

I really am enjoying my time here though. our investigator that had a baptism date for the 18th fell because he came to church and he told us hey guys i am bored. i am going to leave and we bore our testimonies and told him he wouldnt be able to be baptized this week if he didnt stay at church. he understood and still left. we were so confused. we think it was because the members didnt really make him feel too welcome but we are not sure. we will have to go talk to carlos to see whats up. i was way frustrated yesterday but there is nothing you can do. 

i love this work and i know at times it is hard and frustrating i just think jesus had it worse.

i hope you all have a great week!!! love you all!!

elder smoot

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