Monday, May 4, 2015

Wk 48 - 11 months!!

Companion: Elder Copling
Area: Talchuano

Temis Andrea Fonseca Ferreira
(this was from the mission facebook page)
One of my very favorite traditions is breakfast with our family on the Saturday morning of General Conference. To keep the tradition alive here in Chile we made cinnamon rolls and took them to some of our favorite missionaries this morning. 
‪#‎BecauseHeLives‬ our family (including our mission family) can be together forever

It honestly is crazy how fast time goes by!!! today i went to the office and i saw my old comp elder ronco and he has finished his mission and is going home tomorrow!! it was way good to see him before he left!! i love that kid!! 

we got more good news is i got another transfer with elder copling and so i am way pumped!!!! the best part is that there is even more good news!!:) we got a baptism this week for carlos and we brought another investigator to the church yesterday with a date to be baptized. 

This new investigator was a miracle! he showed up at church because a recent convert brought him and he is 18 yrs old and we talked to him at church and gave him a baptism date right there at church. it was sweet. we went on sunday in the night to teach him a lesson too and he excepted the restoration of the gospel and now has plans to be baptized on the 23rd of may!! i just cant believe all the miracles that happen. i have never felt this much joy my entire life. just everything seems to be going good!! 

I guess i dont have to write that much because i will be talking to you guys this week on sunday but this past week we went to the huascar which is a boat that went through a war back in the day with peru and chile and chile stole the boat from peru. it was way sweet and i will be sending some pics about that!!! 

i love you guys and i will see you on sunday!!:)

elder smoot
the huascar
by the way this guys twin brother lives in sandy utah. 

this kid plays football for air force- elder watts

this thing is a hole a mile long in the ground where they pulled miners out a few years ago

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