Monday, November 17, 2014

Wk 24 - ¡Me voy a la Chillan!

Companion: Elder Ramos
Area: Andalein
 the breakfast we had with our zone before they announced transfers
(yes i do cut my own hair right now)

the package 

This week was pretty good! i really enjoyed this transfer with my comp from brazil! i learned a little Portuguese for tanner and everything!;) i am excited to go to chillan and i heard it is a cool place but very hot in the summer! right now in the mission i feel pretty good and i really did love the members here in Andalien! i will be about 2 hours from the mission office so i don't know if i will be able to check if i have mail every week! but its all right! i am excited to get a different view of things. i feel like i have been in Andalien forever! haha 

I want to share a spiritual experience that i had. We were teaching one of the converts that i had Lorena and Ignacio. it was yesterday that we went to their house and this time something was different. she didn't seem so happy she was on edge with her kids and she didn't seem too happy. as we saw that she didn't come to the stake conference we had earlier that day and she hadn't been reading the scriptures and didn't do anything that we had asked to do. just so you guys know she always reads and always is the nicest lady and always does what we commit her to do after the lessons. we found out that she hadn't been reading and well hadn't been feeding herself spiritually speaking. i saw the difference in her and in the lesson she told us that she feels a difference when she is doing the things to feed herself spiritually. she told us that she is happy even during times that are hard and it was really powerful to me.

what i really wanted to say is that is so important to read every day and pray sincerely so we can have the strength and the help from God during those times that are hard. that experience stood out to me and was a testimony builder and how important it is to read every day and the blessings we will receive from that.

anyway i am happy to be here and i love doing what i am doing. i am grateful for you guys and all the support that i receive. i am sending a package today with letters for christmas so you might get it after christmas i don't know! but i love you guys so much and i hope you guys have a wonderful week!:)

Elder Smoot
Thanks for the picture Carlos!
Despidiendo a Elder pavón y Elder smoot

some questions/answers:

*Do you know about transfers yet? 
yes and i am changing to Chillan! it is 2 hours away from the office so i cant go to the mission office every week anymore!

*tell us about your experience last week!?
mom it really was nothing i will it explain it on christmas more yeah? but basically we ran into some people who took our stuff!  i have my camera still no worries because before we started working i took my camera out i dont know why but i just did so it was cool that the lord was looking out for me-i just had my spanish scriptures but i have new ones now and my hymn book in spanish and thats basically it. oh and the tie bar from tanner was in the bag i forgot it was in there so they took that. i am really bumbed about that.-i had the shoulder bag on when they took it. so i dont have it anymore

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