Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Made it to Mexico!!

Elder Smoot & Elder Siggard
 (Mrs. Jones, a teacher from Jr. High, sent this photo to Marcie)
"It was so fun to see Jade!  I promise to take good care of him and send pictures!  
This is Elder Smoot and his companion."

hey mom i made it ok. this keyboard is kinda weird haha. i tried to call you in atlanta and it didnt work.. but i feel very happy to be here! 

Mexico City is the most colorful thing i have ever seen! i quickly became friends with elder siggard and i got here and now he is my companion! i did sleep for about 3 hours total somehow i am still awake from just all the culture shock i guess haha. i love it here a lot. 

i showed up to the mtc and i saw mrs. jones from junior high! it made me happy to see a familiar face. she said to tell you hi! 

everything is going good and i am excited to dive in to everything. my p day is going to be Thursday  so i will write you then! its definitely crazy here and i love it! i feel a sweet spirit at the mtc. the mtc in mexico is very beautiful i love it. i talked to some sisters when i got here and they spoke pretty good spanish and they have been here for 3 weeks which was pretty cool. all the buildings are named after prophets so its all easy to remember.

i love you mom! i have some pics with my companion already on the plane ride ill send on Thursday!! talk to you later

elder smoot

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