Monday, February 8, 2016

Wk 88 - el bautismo de diego

Companion: Elder Stallings
Area: Tome´
diego's baptism!
this past week we did a mini cambio (i forget what it is called in english) with some new missionaries. i was with an elder from bolivia for the day elder soliz and it was fun to be with him for the day. an elder very humble and willing.
so this past week has been amazing honestly. it was a miracle to see diego be baptized even though he had a lot of stuff going on in his life like his studies and work but he is a great guy honestly. he was a really good investigator because he was really good at reading. he is now preparing to receive the priesthood! he said that the morning of his baptism he had some doubts about if he should be baptized or not but in the end he did it anyway and he said these doubts left after he got baptized. it was a cool experience. at his baptism i felt the spirit very strongly.

one thing i have noticed as a missionary is when i feel the spirit i am the happiest. that is my strongest desire is to be able to be guided and comforted by the spirit at all times. by doing that i know i will be right where God wants me to be. It was a fantastic week and i know i just need to keep working hard! 

love you guys and i want to thank you for the support that you give me! I hope you all have a wonderful week and i will be seeing you all soon!!:)

elder smoot

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